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Profile of Colorectal Cancer among Yemeni Patients: Five Year of Experience

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Ahmed Alezzi Al-Malahy, Saeed Hadi Al-Bahlooli, Abdalelah Shaga Aldine

Department of Surgery Medicine, Faculty of Medicine of Health Sciences, Thamar University, Dhamar, Yemen



Background: Colorectal cancer is the third most common malignancy, after lung and breast cancers, in the developing countries including Yemen. However, no nation-wide figures about this lethal disease.

Aim: This work was aimed to study the profile of colorectal carcinoma among Yemeni patients from our five years of experience in the management of the disease.

Methods: We retrospectively analyzed the clinical features, management, and outcomes of 164 patients diagnosed with colorectal carcinoma and operated upon at Thamar University Al-Whadah Teaching Hospital, Dhamar, and Al-Kuwait Teaching Hospital, Sana’a, between 2003 and 2008.

Results: This study reported that 64 cases (39.02%) were less than 40 years of age and 100 patients (60.98%) were 40 years or older. Sites of pathology were cecum (11; 6.71%), ascending colon and hepatic flexure (15; 9.15%), transverse colon (9; 5.49%), splenic flexure (4; 2.44%), descending colon (11; 6.71%), sigmoid colon (38; 23.17%), rectosigmoid junction (21; 12.80%) and rectum (55; 33.54%). Potentially-curative surgery was performed in 124 cases (75.61%). Forty (40; 24.39%) metastatic cases were reported.

Conclusion: Colorectal cancer in Yemen is on the rise, this highlights the need for more extensive screening programs especially in the high-risk groups.

Keywords: Colorectal Cancer, Yemen



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